| 144 pages
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Preface by Andrew C.S. Crichton, M.D.

"Understand the Disease and Its Treatment" series

About 400,000 Canadians suffer from glaucoma. In fact, this chronic eye disease affects 1% to 3% of the population of the Western world age 40 and over, and its incidence increases with age—reaching 10% in people over 80. Glaucoma is an extremely insidious disease. It can destroy the functional capacity of the eyes irreversibly and without warning. Screening is thus a major issue in the fight against glaucoma, especially as there are effective treatments that can prevent or slow progression of the disease.

Written in simple and clear language by doctors specializing in eye disorders, this book covers all aspects of the disease and provides important information for those who have glaucoma and the people close to them:

  • The different forms and symptoms of glaucoma
  • Known causes and risk factors
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Prevention
  • Drug therapies, laser treatments and surgical procedures 
  • Daily living with glaucoma
  • Treatments of the future
  • 25 most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about glaucoma 
  • Useful addresses

Glaucoma in 25 questions

Doctors answer the most frequently asked questions

  1. Understanding glaucoma
    • What is glaucoma?
    • The mechanism of glaucomatous damage
    • How the eye works
    • How we see
  2. Forms and symptoms
    • A word about symptoms
    • Glaucoma suspect
    • Primary open-angle glaucoma
    • Secondary open-angle glaucoma
    • Primary angle-closure glaucoma
    • Secondary angle-closure glaucoma
    • Glaucoma in children
    • What you need to know
    • One person's story
  3. Risk factors
    • Known risk factors
    • Probable risk factors
    • One person's story
  4. Diagnosis
    • Early detection
    • Comprehensive eye examination
    • Eye imaging
    • One person's story
  5. Prevention and treatment
    • Preventing glaucoma or its progression
    • Drug therapies
    • Laser treatments
    • Surgery
    • One person's story
  6. Living with glaucoma
    • Psychological impact
    • Getting around
    • Sports and leisure
    • Lifestyle and nutrition
    • Glaucoma and other eye disorders
    • Low vision rehabilitation
    • Television and computer screens
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  7. Treatments of the future
    • Future drugs
    • Personalized medicine
    • Diagnostic imaging and surgical techniques
    • New implants
    • Gene therapy
    • Stem cell transplantation
  8. Useful addresses