Prostate diseases

 | 184 pages
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Preface by S. Larry Goldenberg, M.D.

In collaboration with Neil E. Fleshner, M.D., J. Curtis Nickel, M.D., Gregory Roberts, M.D., and Luc Valiquette, M.D.

“The care of the prostate patient has become truly multidisciplinary—involving urologists, family practitioners, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals—and a new successful paradigm has emerged, addressing the issues of diagnosis, therapeutics and quality of life supportive care.”

”This book draws on contributions from leading Canadian physicians in prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostatitis. It provides the practicing clinician and the educated layperson with definitive statements of current knowledge and practice. Prostate illnesses present a diverse and challenging set of problems to clinicians and scientists alike, and readers will gain an appreciation for the complexities of prevention, diagnosis, therapy and prognosis that doctors and patients face today.”

From the preface by S. Larry Goldenberg, M.D.

  1. Benign prostatic hyperplasia
    • Clinical manifestations
    • Natural history
    • Workup and treatment for patients with LUTS
    • Treatment options
    • Urinary retention
    • References and recommended reading
  2. Prostatitis
    • Etiology
    • Classification and diagnosis
    • Treatment
    • Phenotypic approach to pelvic point: UPOINT
    • The National Institutes of Health Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index (NIH/CPSI)
    • References and recommended reading
  3. Prostate cancer
    • Prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates in Canada
    • Risk factors
    • Diagnosis
    • Nutrition and prostate cancer
    • Treatment of localized prostate cancer
    • Treatment of advanced prostate cancer
    • References and recommended reading
  4. Treatment options for erectile dysfunction
    • Oral treatments for erectile dysfunction
    • Other therapeutic options for erectile dysfunction
    • References and recommended reading
  5. Useful Addresses